Theresa Draxler 
Founder Work of ArtTH

Hey, my name is Theresa and I founded Work of ArtTH. 
Art meets Slow Fashion !!!
My fashion is mainly produced in Austria, London and Germany.
It is important to me that everyone is treated fairly and that I can wear the fashion with a clear conscience. 
As I consider it extremely important in today's world! 
WorkofArtTH stands for art, passion, determination and courage. 
If you have dreams, then live them, work on them and don't let yourself be defeated.
We all have a PASSION for something. 
This one is mine! 
And I learn something new every day. 
I love art and fashion. 
It is the things that accompany us day after day that make us feel special and unique.
Everyone wears a piece of fashion from their innermost being to the outside and thus shows something. 
One can express and effect so much in oneself or in others.
I want to move people with my fashion and my art.